The FANUC ROBOSHOT Si series is the AI electric injection molding machine for the 21st century that incorporates the new injection unit as well as the. Fanuc Roboshot SiB All Electric Plastic Injection Moulding Machine With the worldwide unique FANUC Roboshot Si we have transferred the. Fanuc Roboshot Si Electric injection machine,achieves high-quality molding and high productivity.

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A wide range of options allows exceptional processing flexibility. The Universal Selection Source: Follow us on Twitter. The fanuc roboshot s 2000i Milacron Fanuc Roboshot Si-B redefines all electric injection molding with many innovative features for plastic processors.

Fanuc Roboshot Si B () Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Si-B models have improved artificial intelligence features which include Ai pressure profile trace, Ai metering, Ai mold protection, and Ai ejector force monitoring.

With its numerous Artificial Intelligence Ai capabilities, the Roboshot is ideal for precision, thin-wall parts, as well as lights-out custom molding.

Network fanuc roboshot s 2000i automation interfacing with Mold 24i software provides tracking of all functions needed for FDA requirements. Si-B machines are designed to interface to a wide range of automation fanuc roboshot s 2000i associated auxiliary equipment.

Follow us on LinkedIn. The control’s Flash Memory Card slot allows continuous download of process data in CSV format for analysis using spreadsheet applications or database applications.

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A new virtual keyboard on the display provides “click” feedback to the user. Ai ejector monitoring is upgraded with 3-step position control for improved eject protection and greater sensitivity to part fill for detecting both underfilled and fanuc roboshot s 2000i parts.

Robosoht operator can edit the Ai pressure and metering profiles, and profiles can be transferred from one Roboshot machine to another to “clone” molding performance.

Sales roboehot service are all provided on a local basis throughout the Americas. The mechanical side of the Si-B includes a new moving platen design that produces a more equal pressure distribution across the mold face. Subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Switch rpboshot another industry coatings. An improved automatic lubrication system for the clamp and injection ends reduces grease usage, while ensuring machine precision with optimum preventive maintenance.

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Three user-selectable screen views include standard, large-print, and a four-screen split. Other upgrades include the ability to easily create custom sequences using a new custom output signal function with over available signals.

The patented on-screen set-up of the 32 custom signals provides the combination of either output roboxhot input signals and does not require ladder logic training. Available in five sizes from to ton clamp force, the Roboshot Si-B has a new, faster control that can reduce cycle time while improving all aspects of pressure, position, and velocity fanuc roboshot s 2000i.

Tie bar spacing on the ton machine is now mm x mm 14″ x Ai mold protection based on motor load has been upgraded roboshog easier set-up based on clamp position. The new Roboshot offers greater processing flexibility with a unique low-tonnage adjustment fanuc roboshot s 2000i down to one ton – via the auto die-height feature. The roboshog is the fastest in the industry with a The control can now store mold files, including a comments field.

The Si-B injection unit has been engineered for greater rigidity fanuc roboshot s 2000i the new low-friction guide-bar-less design used on and ton models is optimized for the higher acceleration loads and faster cycles required for thin-wall molding. Additional enhancements include an increase in the “last change” and alarm logs tovalve gate, vacuum, ejector interlocks and standard dual-core sequencing software.

Fanuc roboshot s 2000i in conjunction with Ai pressure profile control, part weight variance due to screw-tip leakage or barrel wear is nearly eliminated. Ai metering has also been tuned up with a new high-precision algorithm for enhanced control to minimize shot-to-shot variation.