„Puterea prezentului cuprinde un sistem de convingeri conform căruia este benefic să trăim ancoraţi în prezent. Filozofia cărţii pledează pentru debarasarea de. Puterea prezentului. Ghid de dezvoltare spirituala has ratings and reviews. Khadidja said: i loved this book so much i’ll probably read it. Puterea prezentului. Ghid de dezvoltare spirituala – Editia a IV-a [Eckhart Tolle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Putem privi aceasta carte .

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Toch haalde ik heel wat kracht uit dit boek, om te leren met volle aandacht in het huidige moment aanwezig te zijn. But, I don’t think I am just yet.

Puterea prezentului. Ed. a 6-a – Eckhart Tolle | Carti | Pinterest | Eckhart tolle

This is the book that will help me with that goal. Return to Book Page.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This book really is a marvelous tool. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What Tolle is talking about are the practices of mindfulness and disidentifying with your eckhart tolle puterea prezentului both of which are now being massively taken up in …more What Tolle is talking about are the practices of eckhart tolle puterea prezentului and disidentifying with your thoughts both of which are now being massively taken up in one form or another in Western cognitive-behavioral therapy.

It provided some tools for staying in the moment which, as my work life has changed and become more challenging this year, has been a struggle. Agreed with the writer of some of his opinions, but I found the practical application of these ideas is very hard to follow.

I was curious as to what he meant by that, so I picked it up at the library. I highly recommend this book of you’re I never thought we can eckhart tolle puterea prezentului so powerful to change the situation we are pyterea at the exact moment.

Puterea prezentului. Ghid de dezvoltare spirituala

I learned a lot by reading this, and always came away feeling good after reading. I like Echkart Tolle. I’m sure eckhart tolle puterea prezentului it is about, it has nothing to do with “Now”. There eckhart tolle puterea prezentului bits of practical advice in here that many people could stand to hear, especially those who worry too much about the past or future be it nostalgia, guilt, or fear.

Maybe I wasn’t listening intently enough, and that very well could be since I found it to be prett On a funny note, I’m listening to this instead of reading it and more than half way through I just understood that tol,e was saying “ego” instead of “eagle.

It was quite effective at that time 6 months ago in making me a person both more relaxed and more aware of what happens around me. The book even mentions eckhart tolle puterea prezentului you can diffuse other people’s negativity by being present, similar to psychic healing!

The book itself is okay. I was surprised by the insight into relationships, and that is probably what I’ll take the most from this time around, but I can imagine getting something different every time you read it.

Sometimes there were no questions eckhart tolle puterea prezentului almost an entire chapter. Your mind creates fear and pain to prevent you from letting eckbart of the mind-created fear and pain. A person has to be in the mood to read this type of book, though. I decided to live in the moment.

Puterea prezentului. Ghid de dezvoltare spirituala by Eckhart Tolle (3 star ratings)

This is truly a eckhart tolle puterea prezentului book, in that it will Wow, I thought his New Earth changed me; Now brought the practice of presence home. Let life surprise you. And if you do what it says, you’ll start to feel, hey! A lot of it seems redundant but I think it is meant to be that way to help everyone in their different situations.

Or they argue against it, as if they knew what it is that they are denying. My continued lack of automation in this eckhart tolle puterea prezentului is a little annoying, which makes finding books that remind me about the importance of doing small things correctly and with discipline so important.

It leaves us sleeping rather than awake. To regain awareness of Being and to abide in that state of “feeling-realization” is enlightenment.

The power of now simply says eckhart tolle puterea prezentului we should puterez in the present because past is just another story we have no control over and future is uncertain, Illusion in my opinion. Ono bez iznimke nosi nesvjesni negativni naboj. I find Eckart Tolle’s personal story slightly hard to take, because everyone would love to have that kind of putreea awakening, going f I don’t agree that this book is psycho-babble.

To truly appreciate this book, you have to really live what you learn from it, start with the relations you’re having with friends, family, colleagues, co-workers or people you pass by eckhart tolle puterea prezentului the street, or animals or trees!